We are a merchandise collective and we specialize in merch design, production, and distribution. We live and love what we do and try our best to bring you the best experience possible.

Merch is art for us and and everything we do with it we do it with passion. Consider this website more of a gallery of modern merch than a regular webstore.We collect vintage t-shirts, original tape demos from bands around the world aging back to year 1985 and digitalize them here so you can listen to them evenrywhere you are:


Besides making our own designs we specialize in helping creators (Bands, streamers, individuals) Fulfill their merchandising needs whatever they may be.

We have cooperated and helped with manufacturing products satisfying their quality requirements for customers such as: Behemoth, lipa, nunslaughter, blasphereion, jägermeister, terrorizer, necrophagia, master, etc.

What can we do for you:

We try to satisfy every customers need and are open to producing not only physical producs but also any digital products you might think of like vr exhibitions, IG filters, visuals and videoclips production etc.

We can also publish your music on bandcamp YouTube and all streaming platforms and produce all physical media.

We can help you set up your own store and are open to any kind of questions (Especially the ones we don’t yet have the answers to).

We have most experience in 2 kinds of partnerships:

-we design and produce the stuff for you (You handle the sales).
-we design, produce and sell the stuff and pay you royalties.

If anything of the examples stated above might be of help to you feel free to ask us.
(Feel free to mention what kind of cooperation were you considering, and any already known details) :

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