Not to be confused with The Unborn (Melodic Death/Black Metal from Warsaw, Masovia).

Amen changed their name to Unborn in July 1989. Line-up consisted on bassist Dariusz Krzyszczak, drummer Wojciech Tucholski and guitarists Andrzej Kucner and Mariusz Sośnicki – with no vocalist. Krzyszczak suggested the name, inspired by an American flyer, and designed the logo (which featured a fetus in fetal position which Kucner later modified, making it perform the sign of the horns). In October, they played the S'thrash'ydle as a trio, as Tucholski was drafted into the army. They started auditioning drummers but couldn’t find a proper replacement – problems on rehearsals started at the “Agora” club. In November, Krzysztof Raczkowski joined the band, simultaneously playing with Slashing Death and Vader

Recording sessions for a demo in December were eventually postponed. In February 1990 in Kwidzyn they gigged alongside VaderArmagedon and Ghost. In March, they entered the Studio 1 of Radio Olsztyn, recording new songs during a 8-hour session. Shortly afterwards, they started looking for a replacement for Raczkowski (who was taking drum duties for 3 bands at the time), though he eventually stayed in the group. In December, Kucner quit and 2 days later, Jacek Organiściuk was added.

In early 1993, Organiściuk left the band. Unborn went on as a trio. In summer, Raczkowski made way for Bartosz BaranowskiRyszard Suchto was also incorporated. This line-up got down to work on material for an album entitled You Are Decay, entering the Radio Olsztyn Studio 1 on 30th December, although only one track resulted from the five-hour session: “No Other Life”. They used the song as a promo-demo, intending to attract the attention of producers and music labels.

Tucholski emigrated to the UK in March 1994. For a couple of months, the band kept playing with new vocalist Mike, until they broke-up later that year.


courtesy of :https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Unborn/64668

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